RoboCrops Hackathon 2021 – Think Code Feed the world

Why RoboCrops Hackathon?

Due to the consequences of climate change, farming around the world becomes increasingly challenging. In order to feed an increasing number of people a vitamin-rich diet in the future, innovative and fully automated production systems that can be run by less experienced growers must be developed.

With its high-tech food and flower production, ecological innovations, and partnership between business, education, and government, Dutch horticulture can play a major role in feeding the world’s rising population in a sustainable way.

In order to bring the technology to live, motivated individuals are required to establish interdisciplinary teams to push themselves to implement the state-of-the-art technology into horticulture.

If the capabilities of technology in greenhouses can be shown, it will open a huge window of opportunity for increasing horticulture production while lowering resource usage and management complexity. Technology will help us lead healthier and happier lives.

The Goal

The goal of the RoboCrops Hackahton 2021 is to connected motivated students with the world of horticulture. Horticulture is an amazing sector to apply your skills. There is a lot of opportunity to innovate while contributing to the greater good of feeding the world.